Friday, June 19, 2009

60/60 event at the Everson Museum

I participated today in the 60/60 fundraiser event sponsored by the Everson Museum. Sixty artists produced or finished work in sixty minutes and donated it to the museum.

The public was invited to buy raffle tickets and to deposit them in a container by the artist whose work they wanted to win. Although the weather did not seem promising at the beginning, it turn out to be a wonderful balmy evening that attracted a crowd.

It was a good opportunity for the public to see the steps taken in producing artwork in different media, and for the artist to have the chance to do some networking.

I told people who were looking at my work at the very beginning, to stop by later as my piece was in the "ugly duckling" stage (orange and red underpainting). It was nice when I reached the point where people started to recognize the place.

Moose River at Thendara (9"x12") was won by a woman who has been wanting to buy a painting from me for some time. Nice to know that my baby is in good hands!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

White Barn, on location 9" x 12" SOLD

On Monday morning I went painting with my plein air pals of last time. The location: a barn at the intersection of Tecumseh and Waring Rd.

Seeing how they had started the barn with complimentary colors, I decided to follow suit. I have used complimentary colors in the past, but not very successfully, as I invariably ended up completely covering the first layer. This time I forced myself to use the pastel sticks sparingly, and it worked out!

One of the things I like about painting on location is meeting people, not necessarily for business purposes. While we were working, two drivers stopped to see what we were doing and asked for business cards. Then, a lady from the neighborhood came to talk to each of us. She was so happy I had included her house in my painting (red brick). I learned from her that the barn had been fixed recently and that the widower had the garden done in memory of his wife. A touching story I can associate with my painting.