Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wheat Field (revisited) 9x12" -Sold

While looking for framed artwork for an upcoming show in January, I found and oldie that needed fixing.

The original (here) was done on location two years ago, and at the time, I felt compelled to paint just what I saw. Because back then I needed some work for a show on plein air, the painting was framed almost right away. As it often happens after I frame something, I became more aware of the mistakes I did, so I simply stored it in a closed. Every time I took it out I would add one more thing to my mental list of the things that needed fixing: the repeated shapes of the hills and the stands of trees, the strong colors, the barrier formed by the wheat field and tree stand.

I think I have addressed all those issues, and for the time being, I also think that this version speaks more of fall.Link

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Almost Gone, 7x5"--SOLD

Another small painting I had in last weekend show.
It's loosely based on a photo I took last year. Fall colors were not as spectacular this year, very likely because of so much rain.

Some good news: I'll have a show in September next year at the Edgewood Gallery here in Syracuse. I'll be sharing the show with another pastel artist who paints mostly flowers, and a woodcarver. I'm already thinking of a theme...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Willow in Fall, 7x5" -SOLD

The Plowshares Festival went very well: I sold 6 paintings on Saturday and 3 on Sunday (which in previous years have been a dud). Of course, it helped that there was no snow. Thank you to all the locals who came and stopped by!

This painting is a rework of one I did in April. I liked the mood in the original one but the bare tree trunk looked so menacing, more like a big spider, so I took a brush and removed pastel from some areas. Most willows from around here still had their green leaves on a few weeks ago, so that was my inspiration for the colors. The mood is not quite the same but still gives the idea of a rainy, and somewhat cold, fall day.