Monday, December 16, 2013

Evenglow, 8x10-Sold

Evenglow, pastel on board by Adriana Meiss

The Plowshares Festival  of a week ago went very well. Six painting have new homes, including an older piece that I decided to bring with me at the last minute.  I'm happy to say that there were five returned customers, so to those of you reading this, keep your mailing list up to date and never forget to let your customers know of events you are participating in. Most important, when sending a mass email invitation, protect and reassure your customers by putting their email address in the Bcc box .

As it often happens to me, I left framing for the last minute, and this time I found scratches on the glass in many of the small ready-made frames I had purchased. Fortunately I had other pieces to replace them with, but now I'm left with glass that will probably have to be recycled if I'm not able to cut smaller pieces from it...

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Contemplation, 5 1/2 x 8"

Contemplation, pastel on paper by Adriana Meiss
   November 2013 will be a month that I'll remember for it's sunsets. There were so many cold days that our group went only twice to paint outdoors. Oh, but the sunsets seemed to compensate for the bad weather. So, it's no surprise that I've been painting sunsets, and there is still no sign of my getting tired of them.

  This one started with the idea of the dark sky and a limited palette.  The scene is a composite of two different places, and although I didn't do a preliminary sketch, somehow it worked. I'm thinking of painting it larger emphasizing the light on the distant hill... This painting will be among the new ones at next week's Plowshares Festival at Nottingham HS. If you are in the Syracuse area, this is an event you should not miss!