Monday, February 28, 2011

Nearing Syracuse, 12x24"

Another typical scene south of Syracuse.

I have only twelve days before set up and I'm still painting...

Two of the paintings I had started earlier were not working and had to put them aside. In a way, this was good because it has given me the opportunity to select better scenes that will go much better next to another painting, and will also fit the space like a glove. Even though I had measured the display area very carefully, and had made fairly good estimates as to the size and number of paintings I could have, I had not considered this important point.

Time is precious these days and I have resorted to organizing myself with very detailed to do lists. That's what's keeping me sane!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cirrus Clouds, 19"x25"

I've decided I'm finally done with this one. It will be be in the cover of the invitations to the exhibit.

There was a lonely, bare tree in the middle of the field, but I removed it to intensify the feeling of big sky and long expanses of land, so typical of the area. Actually, the truth is that I did not feel like dealing with bare branches at a time when I'm in a hurry. There! It's so easy to justify our actions...

Next week I hope to be doing only framing, but I know a new painting will try to sneak in somehow.

Good news: I am now represented by Gallery 54 in Skaneateles!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

January Haze, 10" x20" - sold

I had a very productive weekend, with two more paintings basically done. I say "basically" because it often happens that I find things to tweak after I have taken photos...

My show's title is going to be Impressions of Central New York. Since this area is covered in snow four months out of a year, it would be fitting for a quarter of my paintings to be about snow. So I'll have to think of at least one more to paint. Luckily for me, and despite the very cold spells, I'm finding snow scenes very comforting and appealing!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Cazenovia Lake at Dusk, 16"x12" - sold

Last Saturday, I felt like painting another winter landscape. While looking through my files I found an autumn scene that really spoke to me, and I dove into it. It started so well but midway I got into trouble. The irony is that I'm taking this free webinar, and one of the recommendations the instructor gives about working from photos is that at least 75% of the information should be there. Well, my photo had 45% at most! I started adding a tree here and there to fill in the void and it was a total disaster. From past experience I should have known better too. Fortunately, it was done on a small Ampersand board, so I just washed the pastel off.

Having the need to produce a finished piece during the weekend, I decided to start this one. All the info needed was in the reference photo. I know, there wasn't much challenge in it, but sometimes that's OK too, and I have to confess that it was like balm for my ego.

Show update: I'm still procrastinating on the 3 half done pieces...