Sunday, November 23, 2008

Island Trees, 12"x14" (Sold)

Two years ago my family and I camped at 7th Lake, in the Adirondacks. I came back with lots of photos that eventually turned into a series of paintings. This scene was in my head for a long time. When I finally decided to paint it, it basically painted itself.

This is one of the ten pieces I currently have on display at Art Mart, City Hall Commons in downtown Syracuse. The place will be open till Dec. 24th from 11:00 PM to 4:00 PM, Mon-Sat.


Donna Van Tuyl said...

Adriana, I love this painting. It has a quiet mood. Great job and welcome to blogging!

Debra Cooper said...

Adriana, I'm so glad you emailed me about your blog, contragulations its a beautiful start.

You can see some of the work I've been doing and still struggling to create a website and pursuing the children's market.

Donna T said...

Awesome painting, Adriana! I'm so excited for your new blog!!!

emm said...

I think Adriana is one of the most talented artists I know. I love her work.

Irene said...

Adri - this is beautiful.. Que lindo de verdad..

Adriana Meiss said...

Thank you all for looking and leaving a comment.
Donna VT, There was something about those trees that begged to be painted.
Debra, I'm just new here. I cannot see a link to your site :-(
Donna T, Now I'm waiting for yours!
emm, Yours are the words every artist likes to hear!
Ire, Gracias. Volvé pronto.

PAFord Pastelist said...

Absolutely gorgeous Adriana!! I was just looking at this place on 7th Lake this past weekend. I took a quick weekend trip up to Old Forge for some winter photos. Beautiful always!!


Betsy said...

Adrianna I love your landscapes and always look into your wetcanvas links to see what your up too. this will be much easier!

Adriana Meiss said...

Paula, The only time of year I've been to the Adirondacks is in late summer, but after seeing the great photos you took this past fall, I'll definitely have to go when the fall colors are at their peak.
Betsy,thank you, I'll try not to disappoint you!

José said...

Hi Adriana,

Heck !
You did a spectacular work with this water.
The rest is also great, namely the atmospheric perspective.

Kind regards,


Adriana Meiss said...

Thanks José! This is my favorite one of the Adirondack series I painted this fall.