Friday, December 12, 2008

Silhouettes , 8"x6"

I feel I'm cheating here. The main reason I started this blog was to force myself to paint during the winter, and here I am, posting another painting done a little while ago. You see, my studio is the entrance of our very old house, and in the winter time we reduce our quarters to conserve energy, so the studio area is basically closed. The only time it is used is to let visitors in or when I feel brave enough to do at least a few minutes of work at the easel. Why don't I move the easel to a warmer area?, you might be thinking. Sure I could, but the main reason I don't is because pastel dust can get everywhere. I think it's safer to keep it confined to one area. I'm hoping Santa will feel sorry for me and get me a nice heater for Christmas. That's all I ask. Really! Well, besides the new Gray set of Terry Ludwigs (my favorite pastels)...

Anyway, this is a scene from my backyard looking west. At the time, I was trying to get good pictures of the colors in the sky and clouds, but after printing the photo I found more interesting the back lit house and trees.


PastelGuy said...

Great values! The sky just glows - exactly how it is in real life. Nicely done.

José said...


Those greens are trully realistic as is the rest of the work.
I also like the painting bellow (great depth).

Kind regards,


Elaine said...

I really love the glow on the edge of the clouds, that touch of pink - you've captured it so well. A very evocative painting.

Donna T said...

Another beautiful nocturne, Adriana. This just might be my favorite so far! I hope you get that heater - warm weather is too far away for you to wait to paint!

Adriana Meiss said...

Matthew, I'm really glad you think it glows because I wasn't sure about it when I finished it.
José , Thank you! When you mentioned the greens being realistic, I realized I had posted the wrong version! The one you see now is the right one. In the original, the tree on the right looked like it had three even bumps, so I lowered the top one and opened up the sky in that same area.
Elaine ,there is a lot of blending in those clouds. They always look easy to me before I start, but end up spending more time working that area. BTW, I used different oranges at the edges.
Donna , It's nice to hear that you like it. I'm checking and comparing brands of heaters. One has to help Santa somehow. :-)