Saturday, December 12, 2009

Daylilies, 7" x 5"

This is the second painting of the Flower Farm series, done also on Ampersand pastelbord.

A while ago I started a small painting from the same reference, but never finished it. Now I know why: I was trying to be too true to the photo and didn't know how to handle the mass of greens. With this one though, I just took a few ideas from the reference and asked myself what kind of day and atmospheric conditions I wanted to represent.

I hope the idea of a hazy summer day, with chirping insects comes through.


Donna T said...

Beautiful work, Adriana, both this and the Lilacs! I wish I could be less of a slave to photos. They usually take over and I am helpless to resist! Congrats on the sale of the Lilacs,too!

Adriana Meiss said...

Hi Donna, Thank you! Maybe you are much better at photography than I am :-) I have to confess though, that in the rare occasions I get a great photo, I become enslave to it.