Sunday, February 7, 2010

Padgett Workshop-Last Day

How I wish this workshop had continued for at least two more weeks! I think the reason I have enjoyed it so much is because I have felt very relaxed, with no pressure to produce great pieces.

This time I did more than simple studies. The top one was the last of the two I painted, but it was the more successful. Perhaps that was due to several things: I had a little more than half an hour to work on it before the final critique, and I used a very bumpy watercolor paper, covered with micaceous iron oxide--I was very apprehensive at first, but very soon I realized that the bumpiness kept me from giving too much detail to the daisies.

For the calla lilies I used Colourfix paper brought back to life with yellow green acrylic paint and fine pumice gel.


Donna T said...

I like that top one a lot too, Adriana. Isn't it funny how tempted we are to go for the tight details when we have a finely sanded paper and yet we strive for a looser, freer effect! I'm so glad this workshop was such a good one for you!

Adriana Meiss said...

Hi Donna, Yes, isn't it weird? I'm afraid I reworked the background on that one. I might be able to bring it back to the way it was, and leave it as a reminder that if I want to, I can work loose.

Rik no Orkut said...