Monday, May 24, 2010

Robert Carsten Workshop

I've heard that one should take time to put in practice what one has learned from one workshop before taking another. That makes sense, but when a good opportunity comes one's way, one just have to take it, so that's why I ended up taking the Robert Carsten 2-days workshop 2 weeks after the one with Susan Ogilvie.
Carsten was invited to Syracuse by the Everson Museum, and because a friend had said so many wonderful things about him and the tidbits of info he gives here and there, I decided to take it. Good move! He is a wonderful teacher, who made the lessons fun and relaxing, at the same time that he encouraged us to do several paintings.

Painting #2
I learned so many little things that are very important in producing good work, one of them, not to give up so easily when the painting is not working the way you want it, as was the case with painting #3, where the season went form spring to summer,

Painting #3
and an opening was added on the left bank switching the area of interest from the water on the foreground to the opening, and making the painting more interesting.

Painting #4
I wanted to get ideas for painting different weather conditions and we had 30 minutes left before a general discussion session. So, my snow scene was done in a record time of 20 minutes! The pressure made me decide quickly what to leave out.

I'm very happy I took this workshop as it also gave me chance to get to know other local artists I see only on occasions.


Donna T said...

I just saw all of these paintings on WetCanvas, Adriana, and am so impressed with how many you did and how well they all turned out! I'm glad you took this workshop too -wish I could have taken it with you. Maybe next time!

Adriana Meiss said...

Hi Donna! Workshops really energize you. I think that's it for me for this year, but one never knows ;-)

Susan said...

This is coming out great! I love it when you use your wild palette for these animals, it comes off awesome. I hope they get it too and don’t just get confused and go. I always prefer the correctness in the color. I love watching Brent Bailer Gallery because of his perfectness in the colors.

Rik no Orkut said...