Monday, June 28, 2010

Mini sunsets , 5x7

Sunset II--SOLD
I did these in preparation for an arts and craft show in a park on the 19th. While this time the event was not a good one in terms of sales, I had a good time meeting people and talking with a few who showed interest in the medium.

In Sunset II I was figuring out how far I could push some colors but still keeping the idea of the end of the day.

Sunset on the Moose
Sunset on the Moose was more of a search into color combination that started with the sky colors.

Sunset on Seneca Lake--SOLD

Sunset on Seneca Lake was a study for a future version. The sailboat is the Mallabar X coming to shore.

All were done on Ampersand Pastelbord.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

5:00PM at Leetonia, en plein air, 12" x 9"

Memorial Day weekend was spend at Leetonia, PA, with family and friends.

While my husband was setting out the tent, I was setting out my easel-- My excuse: when the light is just right you cannot afford to waste time with unimportant things.

Because of the late frost we had earlier in some areas of the NE, I noticed lots of dead foliage on trees at higher elevations along the way. This was even more apparent at Leetonia (near the Great Canyon of the East, in north central PA).
I had the eerie feeling of painting fall and spring at the same time. The dead foliage had turned a rusty color that glowed orange in the sun, and the new foliage was fresh spring green. A very strange contrast indeed.