Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Blue Fence, 7x5"

I've been on painting frenzy because this coming weekend is the Plowshares Festival here in Syracuse. With so many things going on lately, I thought I still had two weeks to prepare for the show, so imagine my shock when I learned I only had one week to get things ready!

Anyway, things are coming along better than I expected. I have created some new paintings (like the one here, from the Phoenix Flower Farm), finished others, and have also resurrected and improved old ones. Right now, I'm working on three small paintings at the same time. This might sound weird but it's working just fine for me: when I get stuck on one I move to the next and so on, and because I have them on a shelf where I can see them, it's not likely that I'll forget to finished any of them.

On another note, Thank You to all my followers! This blog is three years old, and I probably wouldn't have continued it if it weren't for you. I started it as a way of forcing myself to work in my studio during the cold winter months-- and it worked! Now, if I do not post something at least every two weeks, I feel guilty. I'll try to post more often though.

Below is the way Phoenix Sunset (sold)-which was in last post, looks now:


Dan Michael said...

You made some nice changes to the sunset, and I like the play of light and shadow on The Blue Fence. Good luck with the festival.
By the way, I'm really jealous -- I've wanted to take a workshop with Marc Hanson for quite a while!

Donna T said...

Wow, - gorgeous paintings, Adriana! I hope the festival is fun and you make lots of sales. Three years for your blog already? Time flies! I hear you about the unheated studio... mine has a leaky skylight too! :-)

hmuxo said...

Beautiful paintings, Adriana. I love the second one with that gorgeous Sunset and love those purples!! Well done.

Adriana Meiss said...

Dan, Thank you. I'll suggest to View (the Arts Center at Old Forge)to invite Marc for a workshop there, as I know there are many people in the area who would be interested.
Donna, The festival went very well for me, but it's because I have learned how important it is to let your friends and customers know about events.
Hilda, Thank you. I'm happy to say that the sunset painting got sold.

Rik no Orkut said...