Tuesday, August 28, 2012

End of the Day --Reworking an idea

End of the Day, 9x12" pastel on Wallis paper by Adriana Meiss

    I tried fixing so many things in the painting from the previous post, but the more I worked on it the worse it got. The grit of the board was gone in some areas and even though I tried applying pastel grounds, some dark shadows couldn't be covered with light pastel.

    Very frustrated, because I wanted a painting with lots of yellow for the show, I started this new one, using the same reference. I still got into trouble in some areas simply because in my hurry and desperation I didn't "think it through"  before starting so I had to do that halfway into the painting and change gears. The hills in the distance for example, were an afterthought that was needed to break the tree barrier and give distance. I know this one doesn't have the same mood of gold evening light but I like it.

   The other one, I had to wash it off completely--believe me, it hurt. I applied a mix of grounds and pumice to restore the tooth of the board so it can be reused.  I'm a little bit angry at myself for having ruined something that had some good things but  for the moment, an "Aglow" painting is still in the works in my head.


hmuxo said...

I love this one just as much as the previous one...a little bit more subtle which is wonderful! Great work, Adriana!!

Donna T said...

I think this is a very nice painting, Adriana! Going up that path and eventually through the gap in the hills is a nice journey for our eyes. Sorry about your other painting but I'm glad the idea is still incubating.

Adriana Meiss said...

Hilda, Donna, Thank you for your comments! I'll get to "Aglow" after I'm done framing for the show. Even though it's a pain in the neck when things don't work out the way we want, it's a great opportunity to exercise more creativity in finding solutions.

Rik no Orkut said...