Monday, June 30, 2014

Gate to the Orchard, en plein air, 9x12

Gate to the Orchard, pastel on board by Adriana Meiss
This pastel is from a week ago. This is the gate that divides our backyard from the orchard. The late afternoon light on the apple trees was so bright that I had to try paint it.

Here is another painting of that gate but from a different angle, done in the spring of 2012. New is the small Walking Stick tree on the foreground. Two nice metal cranes are also in the Vinca patch between the tree and the gate but they were purposely omitted. To the left of the tree is the "pond complex", but that will be another painting...


Donna T said...

Nice piece, Adriana, especially since didn't have as much depth to work with as a landscape. I hope your trees are surviving all the storms and wind we've been having!

Adriana Meiss said...

Thank you Donna. This painting and all the others I've painted of the garden/orchard are just for me, to keep a record of what's going on year after year. The garden is doing well and thanks to Mother Nature, we do not have to water it much.