Friday, October 17, 2014

Alfalfa and Corn, 11x14"

Alfalfa and Corn, pastel on paper by Adriana Meiss
Last Tuesday afternoon I went painting with my friend Marybeth to Otisco.  This is one of my favorite areas to paint and photograph. The variety of crops and the hilliness of the terrain add so much color and interest to the landscape that everywhere one looks there is a nice scene ready to be painted.

We found a field on Bailey Rd. and after being granted permission to park in the property by the owner's son, who was about to start mowing the alfalfa field nearby, we wasted no time exploring and setting up. We knew we had two hours at most before the daylight faded. This view attracted me right away because of the good feeling of distance and because it offered the opportunity to deal with orange foliage.  I have always found oranges to be very difficult as those colors can overwhelm a painting if used in large areas.

I used a black sheet of Richeson Premium Pastel Paper because it was the only surface I had in the size I wanted, and was surprised by how much I enjoyed working on it. The surface feels more like fibers rather than grit, but it's definitely coarse as you might be able to appreciate below.

Using Richeson pastel paper.


Donna T said...

The oranges are gorgeous this year and you made great use of them here, Adriana. Really beautiful painting! I hope you get a chance to go out again before we lose all the color.

Adriana Meiss said...

Donna, I'm so happy that this year the colors are gorgeous and the weather has cooperated a bit. I hope you can get to paint fall too, but you'll made a gorgeous painting no matter what season!

hmuxo said...

So beautiful, Adriana. A wonderful landscape..I would love to try this paper...