Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Field, 9" x 12"

Last weekend I participated in a plein air event sponsored by the Everson Museum, at the Stone Quarry Hill Park. This park is located in Cazenovia, 20 miles east from Syracuse, and it's an sculpture park with lots of acres where nature and art mix.

Only five artists showed up for the event, probably because rain was predicted in the forecast, but that was reason enough to get to work right away. I was able to produce two paintings, this one here and a panoramic view. But as it often happens when you work outdoors, the light changed so fast that it threw me off with the panoramic view. I might be able to fix it, but it'll have to be from memory.

The more I paint outdoors the more I realize the drawbacks of painting from photographs. This doesn't mean that I'll give up working from photos, but simply that I'm becoming more and more aware of their limitations.


Elaine said...

This is a beautiful painting, Adriana. I haven't done much plein air painting but I am hoping to have a go soon. Your comments encourage me to try.

Donna T said...

That is beautiful, Adriana! You made something ordinary into something to be appreciated. I keep looking at the trees and weeds in the field next to me - trying to see a painting. I agree, working from photos is really hard, and it's so much easier when you have real depth and distance in front of you, not to mention all the color!

Adriana Meiss said...

Elaine, Thank you. I hope you get the chance to do some outdoor painting soon. Just remember to keep it simple and not to be too hard on yourself at the beginning. Now, it's becoming like a craving for me. I usually go out with friends, but yesterday I couldn't find anyone to go with me, so I went alone. When the weather is good, you have time and the need to paint, you just have to go!

Donna, Thank you. You are right about photographs. I often look at a photo of a place that called my attention and all the things that made me take the picture in the first place are gone!

PastelGuy said...

Great trees! Congrats on your gallery invitation and on your shows...sometime I'd like to ask you about your pricing structure.

Adriana Meiss said...

Matthew, Thank you. Ask any time! I hope you are having time to do some painting.