Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Green Lakes 8" x 9", SOLD

The last couple of weeks have been very busy for me. For two weekends in a row I participated in local arts-and-crafts fairs, and in preparation for them I had to do a lot of framing.

One of the pieces I sold, Green Lakes, was started on location last year. In the rush of framing, I forgot to take pictures of the final painting, though the differences compared to the photo at the left (unfinished) are minor.

This is the second year I've participated in this kind of event, and so far it has been great. Every so often one hears that this is not a good time for artists due to the economy, yet for me and other artists I've talked to, sales have been good recently. I find this a bit disconcerting because as a business person, one would like to find a formula or something that would work most of the time. Places that I have thought of as being promising have turned out a total disappointment, and the opposite has been true too. So, I always end up with "you never know".
All I know is that I have to keep on trying, and find more ways to bring my art to the right public.

Setting up and taking down a tent and displays is bothersome to say the least--even if you have the process down to a T, but is well worth it if you want exposure and like to do a little PR. On the plus, plus side, I got a an invitation to sell at a gallery!


Elaine said...

Congratulations on the sale and one the gallery request.

I agree with you about finding places to sell work - you just can't tell where you will make a sale sometimes. I placed two paintings in a recent art & craft sale and neither sold, but I was also told that very few paintings sold this year, whereas normally they sell a lot of paintings. So you just don't know.

Merriel's Art said...

I can see why this sold. It is beautiful. Love looking at your work. Congrats on the gallery invitation.

Donna T said...

It's no wonder your work caught the eye of a gallery person, Adriana. Gosh, that's a nice display you have! I'm glad sales are good and hope the gallery will give you tons of exposure. You'll be busy teaching workshops before you know it!

Adriana Meiss said...

Elaine, Merriel, Thank you! I'll keep posted how it goes with the gallery. I have high hopes since it's in a very touristy place.
Donna, Thank you! The tent was rented from one guild, but the screens are old ones that I got at a good price from another guild. Now I'm thinking of buying my own tent.

lynne vokatis said...

adrianna what a great set up!!!congratulations on selling and the gallery.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adriana. I just read this post from July about art fairs. Its the topic du jour - "what is the formula for consistent sales" and one that used to have some actual pattern and consistency to it. Having participated in high end fairs in the west for 10 years now, after 15 years working with galleries and consultants I can tell you that the crazy economy has turned all expectations upside down and logic has been thrown out the door. Veteran artists had roller coaster sales experiences this year, including myself. The strangest part was that high end sales prevailed even more than lower end. Good work continues to sell in any economy - that's the good news!
btw, your new work is beautiful -your sense of light and color is strong and confident - beautiful!

Adriana Meiss said...

Lynne, Thank you!
alizavick, Thank you so much for your encouraging words! This year my goal was to seek exposure. More exposure has meant more sales and that has given me more confidence about my work.