Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stillness Before Dusk, 20 x16 -sold

Stillness Before Dusk, 20x16" Pastel on board by Adriana Meiss

   This scene is one I have painted before (Mud Creek) and will probably paint again as it has many interesting features that can be varied to create different moods.

   I learned many things in the process. After I thought it was done, I let it sit for a while on a shelf.  Although I was happy with my original sketch, some things did not seem right.  There was too much pink  and too much open water that was competing in color with the sky.  Some elements other than just color were needed in order to guide the eye to the focal area and to offer resting spots before getting  there. Perhaps some lily pads or grasses? Back to sketching  and problem solving.  Thus, the clump of dark grasses in the foreground. Darkening the foreground water on the right also helped to create the feeling of more depth.

   Lessons learned : 1. Be receptive to listen to what the work is telling you. My sister-in-law just gave me a great idea: talk to your work as if it were a living thing. You are likely to hear what your brain is telling you. 2.  Allow yourself time to let the painting rest so you can correct any problems. The goal is to be really happy with  the results.

   I entered this painting in the Bold Brush competition for Dec. If you like it vote for it here.


Donna T said...

Wow, that is really gorgeous, Adriana! I love the way you did the water and the mood comes across so well. I hope you win that contest!

hmuxo said...

This is a beautiful painting, Adriana and know you will win this contest!! Wonderful colors..
perfect piece!!

Adriana Meiss said...

Donna and Hilda, Thank you for your comments. About the contest, I'll be happy with just some "likes".

Alexandra Marie said...

this is absolutely beautiful !! It must take a while

Alexandra Marie

Susan Roux said...

This is a beautiful painting.

Adriana Meiss said...

Alexandra Marie and Susan, Thank you so much!

Rik no Orkut said...