Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Quiet Finale, 13x18"

A Quiet Finale, pastel on paper by Adriana Meiss

This is a reworked piece and this is how it came about:
    Early this year I was asked by Gallery 54 to bring more paintings to replace two that had sold that month (yeah!). I really did not have anything ready in the sizes they wanted so I started working in  several pieces with the hope of having them ready by the end of the month. As often happens, when you are in a hurry, things don't work the way you want them or take longer than you think, so instead of ruining work by trying to finish it fast, I looked at old so-so unframed paintings I had put away.

    I found this one from 6 years ago, which at the time I liked, but never framed because I had taken the idea from an ad in a magazine--maybe you've seen it, anyway I consider it a good exercise but that was it.

Exercise done in 2006

I figured that with some work I could really make it "my" painting.
First, I questioned the composition with the repetitive forms (three groups of trees and three marsh banks in the middle ground), and the lack of a focal area. I also felt the need to get rid of so much blue so I opted for sunset colors. As I reworked and did sketches, ideas from places I have seen came to mind (in particular the area of Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge), and that way I was able to finish it feeling that it was my creation.


hmuxo said...

I think it's a gorgeous painting that shouldn't be packed away...its so peaceful..I love this one and it will look so amazing in the exhibit!

Adriana Meiss said...

Hi Hilda, Thank you for the vote of confidence! The last version I consider as totally mine so it got framed.

Rik no Orkut said...